Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Now that we need properties

 It takes money to have money, it takes time to have money. You can have lots of money in a blink of an eye or you can have money after more years has been added to your knowledge and skills. Everything depends on your will. Since we are in real estate and would like to offer more #tips for you our reader, in order to walk with you in acquiring more money through properties.

On average as an investor you can buy and sell 4 properties in a year and still make huge profit. This is derived from the notion that takes a property to register under the new buyer - which is 3 months. It then means that every 3 months you can make R 30 000,00 which will lead to R 120 000,00 in 1 year then R 1 200 000,00 in 10 years or.....? You can go with R 1 million in 10 years or you can make it in 1 year?

If you can check on what is written on the bank notes you will learn that money belongs to the state. You are just been given an opportunities to be trusted by the next person when conducting medium of exchange. From that we then learn that it will take someone few seconds to understand the numbers and master the route to prosperity while others will take lifetime to master the route. Hope you jump in and learn more about #properties. 

NB: Every living person need shelter.

Thursday, 3 December 2020

We need more properties for selling, renting and buying!


We need more #properties in your area for selling. If you want you #property sold after our conversation and agreement contact us now by calling or by filling the form on the top right we will get back to you. We mainly need properties in Nellmapius and we are not limited to an area. We have lots and lots of buyers for your houses.

We also do rental management for residential properties. We need properties to rent out to our clients.

If you are earning from R 15 0000,00pm and not paying bond, whether you are an owner or you have no property lets talk great opportunities when coming to properties. Wealth is created from property ownership.

Buying properties contribute to the bigger picture. From property ownership you gain wealth, sense of belonging, health benefit, national wealth and the best country to be proud of. Let's buy and invest in real estate so that we can contribute to the growth of our country.

Are you into #survey? Follow Toluna and register to earn money and influences the world we live in.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Our products and services

Business is #booming. We have what it takes to serve you as our clients. Whatever products and services you might need we are the best one on the job at an affordable price.

In naming a few we can say we are in business on the following but not linited to:

  • Real estate services.
  • Business promotions.
  • Advertising.
  • Selling of products.
  • Selling of services.
  • Business consultations.
  • Marketing.
  • Social Media.
  • Remote work.
  • Work for businesses
The job which we mainly do and excel on is in real estate. We know how to sell houses, we know how to find tenants for your properties. We have relevant buyers and tenants for your properties. If you know of someone who want to sell or rent out their properties you are at the right place, please share you will be rewarded.

NB: Buy and invest in real estate.

Good places to start is in new developments. Let's talk.

If you are active online you might like to remotely work at Appen. Click on the link  so that you can register and start working.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Why are you on social media

As a business do you see positive reasons for been active on social media platforms? Must you really be there. Since everyone is talking about social media,does it really matters to be found on social media? If you are already there,are you active enough to bring business or you are not there for business?

Our advice to you:
Lets use the following as an example. One person on
  • (Twitter
  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Pinterest)
Behaves differently across all this platforms. If you want his/her business on which platform can you catch him/her? you can mean business across all platform but none comes. the most important thing to do in order to bring business you need to know what each and every social media platform stands for. you must really do your home work in order to find who is where and why they are there and what are they doing. 
  • Start with your previous and current customers to find out if they are on social medias, why they are there and what are they doing there.
  • if none is there or has never bought anything caused of social media then why bother?
You must have reasons as to why are you in business.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Are you open for businesses

We are so fortunate in our times cause our businesses are open around the clock and can be accessed across the globe. as with everything you need to make sure that your business is know to the end user. How to you find the user of your services and products? You need to swim and swim since the ocean of opportunities is open and huge. Now lets see how we can help.

  • #Internetofthings is ruling.
  • When last did you see someone using your products?
  • When last did you see someone using your services?
  • How do you advertise your business?
  • Where do you advertise your business?
  • Do you know your markets?
  • Does your market know about you?
  • What is your market doing?
  • Where does your market spent their time and space?
  • Are you open for business?
Advertising is like a road. People travelling on the road are going to different destinations, there are signs and rules for them to arrive safely. You ads need to be like signs and rules of the games. Make sure that people knows about you, they must talk about you. we will assist if you need more businesses at your door step.

NB: Feel the form on the right we will contract you.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Love where you live-luxury is what we want

Love conquers all. By falling in love with the area you live, great things will follow. We all want to live and have luxurious things. We wake up and sleep every day in search of improvements to our lifestyle. Some of us can influence and some can creates. We need to know that we can create the best luxurious life we wish to have by just focusing and knowing the people.

Internet has made things possible for us. Let me name few things which can be done over the #Internet:

  • Socialise with people across the world.
  • Sell your goods and services across the board.
  • You can see the world and visit places without been there physically.
  • You can learn hobbies and discover new ones. 
  • You can show off your skills.
  • You can express yourself without fear.
  • You can teach the good cause.
  • You can sell your ideas.
  • You can make lots of money.
  • You can show case your products for sale.
And lots more can be done over the Internet. Lets discuss and get involved in building our world. It will start by the love of the area we live. Just start by working on the following and see great changes.
  • Our #houses need to be the best homes.
  • Our work place need to be better and better.
Please share and follow our blog.
Improvements are needed on your own house. Are you working on them?

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Clients and consumers of today

It has been today and it will always be today. We learn from what happens today then we can know what happens yesterday in order to know where we are going. Look at the time, since then it was measured through water, then it evolves to the hour glass then it become modern and be measured using analogue and today we are more modern we use digital.
Look at this, from:
  • Water and Sand
  • Hour glass
  • Analogue and now
  • Digital. 
Today we are on digital and the following day where will we be? Our mind and reasoning need to change. We need to move from analogue mind to digital mind. The only thing you need to know is,you need to keep moving.
  • Be good to your clients and #consumers.
  • Be good to buyers and sellers.
  • We are all buyers and sellers.
  • Be in business.
  • Be found across the board.
  • Be the trends.
  • Be innovative.
  • Be creative.
  • Work for the world.
NB: for all your marketing tips and promotions we are here to assist.